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 Free 30 Day Trial Membership.      No Credit Card Required.        Complete Access to All Features and Benefits.

My Retail Engine is offering a free 30 day trial membership to merchandisers and mystery shoppers. Our goal is to build the most comprehensive database that will allow merchandisers and recruiters the opportunity to connect in a format that is unlike any other site available on the market.

Build your own "work page" to showcase your skills and experience. Upload a video introducing yourself to prospective employers. Our questionnaire will generate a resume for you to send out or upload. The job search feed comes directly from as well as having recruiter's post ads on our site. Connect with other merchandisers and create your own blogs. Our expense tracker and work log reports will keep you organized and ready for tax time. We offer an internal email system so you can be contacted inside of our site so no more worries about bounced emails. This are just some of the features available on your work page so please take five minutes to sign up and explore the website.

To sign up for the free 30 day trial, click on the Join tab and enroll as a Jobseeker. No payment information will be collected. We will convert your status to a member for 30 days so you can enjoy all of the benefits and features. After 30 days you can elect to remain a member or revert to a Jobseeker status and continue using the site for job searches.

Help us build a website that will enable merchandisers, mystery shoppers and prospective employers to have one centralized resource.

My Retail Engine is able to offer its members a portfolio of products that will enhance their ability to be more visible in the job market and to organize their career. 
  • Members will be able to track expenses and mileage on their calendars so tax time is a breeze. 
  • Members will be able to log their completed by company, payment and additional expense or bonus.
  • Members will have access to all traning resources and webinars.
  • Members will display an attributes list on their rep page which reflects their equpiment, skills and experience.
  • Members will be able to track the companies they to which they have applied.
  • Members will have their own blog.
  • Members will have access to industry professionals to address questions and offer advice.
  • Member will answer a detail questionnaire which will generate a resume that only contains relevant information a recuriter would like to see.
  • Members will be able to showcase their demo experience via a video upload.
  • Members will be able to let recuriters see their availibity on their rep page calendar.
  • Members can network with their peers and invite others to join.
My Retail Engine was created by members of the merchandising industry. Managers, Recruiters, Schedulers, Merchandising Executives and Software developers worked together to combine their talents and expertise so that My Retail Engine could support all segments of the industry.  Our members consist of the following:
    • Mystery shoppers
    • Merchandising Field Reps
    • Vendor supported Reset Reps
    • Assisted Selling/ Brand Ambassadors
    • Auditors
    • Experienced Retail Personnel
    • Travel Teams
    • New Store/Remodels Team Members
    • Recruiters and Schedulers
    • People seeking a new career
    • Demonstrators                                                
    • Models
  • My Retail Engine will afford you the opportunity to take control of your career in the Merchandising industry.
    • Recruiters and Schedulers will learn more about you by visiting your personal face page where your picture, work experience and interests will be displayed.
    • You will be able to conduct job searches and store the sites where you have applied so that you are not duplicating your efforts.
    • You will be able to create a professional resume, job responses and email.
    • Webinars will be provided by recruiters, tax specialists and computer specialists.

     Free 30 Day Trial Membership- Join as a Jobseeker and MRE Will Upgrade Your Membership!  No Payment Information Required During the Trial Period.

     My Retail Engine requires a member subscription to access all the site’s resources. Our goal was to structure the subscription cost to an affordable price point and be able to offer a vast amount of products and services. We believe we have succeeded and know that no other site can compare with the tools and resources My Retail Engine offers.

    Several payment plans are available to select from and you may cancel your membership at any time.

    • The Job Search Board is free to anyone that visits our site.
    • The yearly subscription plan is $ 52.00
    • The semi-annual subscription plan is $27.00
    • The quarterly subscription plan is $14.00
    • The monthly subscription plan is $ 4.95 
    • Payment can be submitted via PayPal, debit or credit card.
    30 Day Free Trial Membership Which Includes-
    • Full Access To All Benefits and Features
    • Daily Job Search Feed from
    • Professional Resume Created
    • Your Own Work Space Page
    • Webinars and E-learning Resources
    • Upload photos of your work
    • Calendar to show availability
    • Track expenses
    • Network with your peers
    • Worklog to track assignments and payments
    • Internal Email system
    30 Days to Explore, Utilize All the Tools and Discover Why My Retail Engine is the Best Choice For All Of Your Merchandising Needs!


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